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Our mission is to help you find what matters.

ComputableFacts helps you quickly discover the small amount of relevant data containing critical information from the large amount of data at your disposal. A next generation algorithm that helps you make the right decisions.

Created by a group of dedicated engineers specialized in the field of data and text mining, ComputableFacts is focused on helping you find what matters.

key features

New challenges demand new innovative solutions.

how it works

A key feature of the ComputableFacts platform is its ability to ask complex questions on unprepared data dispersed across multiple types of databases and documents.

how it works


Novice users can upload documents into one or more directories of the platform: HTML files, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office documents, etc. Advanced users can directly stream data through a socket connection 24 / 7 / 365. ComputableFacts extracts, in real time, the metadata and content of the received documents. This data is then automatically structured, enriched and augmented with permissions before being encrypted and added to a Knowledge Graph.


ComputableFacts delivers structure, clarity, and insight, by revealing the right information to the right person at the right time. ComputableFacts is the foundation for applications in e-Discovery and Cybersecurity that gather and synthesize large amount of disparate signals from a number of data sources. The effectiveness of these mission-critical applications depends on ComputableFacts for its accuracy, robustness, and ability to find and link entities across siloed data.


Our knowledge-based system combines the latest advances in Ontology Based Data Access, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Probabilistic Logic Programming to help you find what really matters. By nature, statistically trained models are most accurate on the type of data they are trained on. Besides machine learning from a wide range of data beyond simple textual documents, ComputableFacts is unique among data analytics software in its adaptability. ComputableFacts takes your feedbacks into account to increase the accuracy of its algorithms on your data.


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